Hap-E-Tails Mobile Pet Grooming

All pets deserve to be pampered and loved!!!

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Mini Groom includes:

Ears are cleaned and  hair removed, unless requested not to. 

Nails are clipped and then dremeled, buffed if need be.

Feet, face and sanitary trimmed.

2 warm baths with a shampoo that works with your pets skin and coat needs.

Teeth brushing if pet is willing.

 Fluff dry and dead undercoat removal.

                                  Cologne.... Bow ....or Bandana.


Full Groom:

Same as the services that come with the Mini Groom, However, with this choice your pet will  also receive a haircut in a style of your choice or to breed standard.                                                                                      Just let us know how you would like your pet to look.

We can discuss that at the appointment time.

Your pet will receive one on one care by an IPG Certified Professional
groomer. Your precious pet will get 2 gentle and warm baths with top shampoos designed with your pets skin and coat in mind.                                                                                                                    We do require proof of rabies vaccine before grooming begins.